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Theresa May Surrenders To Terrorism.

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Mrs May’s authoritarian, repressive, anti-human rights response to the recent attacks is the action of a coward. She is rewarding terrorism with exactly what it seeks. She is caving in to the most extreme form of blackmail.

If we surrender our liberty then we have nothing.  But Mrs May doesn’t believe in liberty so it is no loss to her.  This is the excuse she has been wanting since she first took over the Home Office in 2010.  If we allow her, she will turn Britain into a police state. Mrs May is the would-be promoter of thought crime, intensive snooping, censorship, rigid and inflexible laws, suppression of dissent, severe punishments and, as she has already demonstrated with asylum seekers, locking people up without trial.

Believe me, she is Britain’s worst nightmare.

Mrs May dishonours those who precede her.  Would Margaret Thatcher have surrendered the very principles that Winston Churchill devised?

She alone bears responsibility for the underfunding and inadequacy of our anti-terrorism strategy so now she thinks she can crack down harder to deal with the consequences of her own mistakes.  Note this is exactly Mrs May’s approach to drugs policy and it has failed time and time again.  In fact it just makes the problem worse.

If Mrs May remains prime minister at the end of this week, I fear for the future of our nation.

Written by Peter Reynolds

June 6, 2017 at 9:50 pm

Theresa May Grandstands On The Manchester Tragedy.

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I’m sorry to make this point but every second of airtime that Mrs May gains from this, every image of her visiting victims and encouraging the emergency services is more votes in the ballot box.

Shamelessly, she is exploiting this diabolical act for her own self-interest.  The election campaign may be suspended but the media spotlight is now far more tightly focused on her.  Just as it’s probably true the Jo Cox murder affected the leave vote in the EU referendum and the Falklands War helped Margaret Thatcher through a difficult political period, so Mrs May will gain immeasurably from this horrifying, terrible, heartbreaking event.

We should return to the election campaign as soon as possible.  That is the best way to pay respect to the victims and their families by not allowing terror to win.  Our democracy, poor inadequate version that it is, must go on.

Written by Peter Reynolds

May 23, 2017 at 4:52 pm

Insufferable, Disgusting, Sick – The Mind of Iain Duncan Smith.

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As a life long Tory voter (never again), I take great offence that this patronising, cruel and out-of-touch idiot gets to hijack what was once a great and noble institution.  He and his arrogant, conceited colleagues have twisted and perverted Margaret Thatcher’s legacy into a mindless, self-serving parody of itself.

His ideas repel me.  Anything good or positive he proposes is extinguished by the nasty, spiteful attitude to those less fortunate than himself.  He cares for no one except his own.  He is the caricature of the nasty party personified. His legacy, of brutal treatment of the sick, disabled and unemployed, will be an eternal shame on him, the Tory party and Britain.

Written by Peter Reynolds

September 29, 2014 at 3:19 pm

With Respect.

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Margaret Thatcher


Written by Peter Reynolds

April 17, 2013 at 10:14 am

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The Magnificent Wisdom Of Margaret

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Wise Maggie

Written by Peter Reynolds

April 14, 2013 at 12:04 pm

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Anti-Thatcher Scum Define The Problem with Britain

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Margaret-ThatcherIf you disagree with Margaret Thatcher that’s fine.  She, more than anyone, would have defended your right to do so.

The pitiful, rude and incontinent abuse of her shows exactly why we are so much poorer for her passing.

Britain has become the epitome of sophistry, where gossip and oppressive opinion dominate and diminish our discourse.

It is encouraged by tabloid journalism and broadcasting.   Our attention is always diverted by sensation.   What we miss from Margaret is the ability to focus on a goal.  Ever more we are concerned and trapped  by the midfield battle.  In fact, Premier League football is the perfect analogy – corrupt, depraved, greedy, self-serving, manipulative.

The disgusting behaviour of those who demean the dead says it all.  To those who have posted abuse of Margaret Thatcher here (deleted)  and who pursue their playground bullying, good day to you. Are you proud?

We, the pride of Britain, are very proud of Maggie.

Written by Peter Reynolds

April 13, 2013 at 9:33 pm

Margaret Thatcher, The Greatest Politician Of My Lifetime

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In general there has been a respectful and appropriate response to the death of Britain’s finest leader since Churchill.  Even senior Labour figures have preserved their dignity and given due credit for her importance.  Those who have demeaned themselves with cheap and oafish abuse know who they are and they are lesser people for it.

She has always been my hero.  In 1979, when I had just started my first business I had car window stickers printed reading ‘Support Maggie In the Interests Of Britain’.

She was and will remain a magnificent woman of stature beyond compare.  As someone wrote today, what the snide, jealous left really hated about her was that she was working class – yet with real ambition and ability.

Rest in peace Maggie.  Britain and the world is forever changed and greatly enhanced by your noble life.

Written by Peter Reynolds

April 8, 2013 at 7:44 pm

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